Ho Ho Ho Candle in a Tin from Lilyflame
Ho! Ho! Ho!; The Finest Wines, The Deepest Snow.
An intense, fine fragrance type scent. With top notes of Incense and Amber. One of our most luxurious and opulent Christmas Scents
Wild Jasmine Candle from LilyFlame
Wild Jasmine – In the Morning Sun.
A very heavy, intoxicating scent. One of our most popular scents.


Smell the aroma of fall. The pumpkin spice candle tin features a sweet pumpkin scent accented with clove and ginger spice. The alluring scent will have guest feeling right at home.


Our Therepe Scented Soy Tin Candles are the perfect choice for quality and cost conscious consumers. Our soy candles will burn longer than typical petroleum based, wax candles. 


These scented tin candles simply offer more than similar tin candle products. The raw materials are carefully selected and the fragrances are skilfully blended to be accurate and distinctive. Coupled with a larger tin & volume of wax these candles burn for over 60 hours.


I was browsing online for vintage tins and came across the site steptoesantiques.co.uk, and it was actually so good. There were so many tins ranging from the 1930's to all era's. A lot of them were really quite a reasonable price as well, was quite tempted by a couple of them, love the tins.

Vintage 1940's Bantam Coffee


Vintage 1940's Bantam Coffee Tin. A great English retro vintage Coffee tin circa 1948 from the city of Leeds. Will interest collectors, equally this is an unusual display piece for your vintage chic or retro chic interior, handy for storing bits and pieces too! Approx 5cm across and 3.5cm tall. No lid, overall very good condition. 

Vintage 1930s Ronuk Sample Tin


Vintage 1930s Ronuk Sample Tin. A charming vintage tin, dating to circa 1933. This is a delightful vintage tin, ideal for storing odds and ends and perfect for display in your vintage interior. The vintage tin measures approx 4 cm wide and 2 cm tall. This charming vintage tin has light cosmetic wear, it is fully useable, with no other flaws or damage, good condition. 

Vintage 1970s Silver Jubilee Matches Tin


Vintage 1970s The Queens Silver Jubilee Match Tin. This charming vintage tin holding matches with a strike on the base was made by for The Queens Jubilee. Vintage tins are a fabulous way of adding a little vintage chic to your home or desk. This charming vintage tin has most of the original matches is in very good condition. Tin measures approx 2.5 inches/ 5cm wide, 2.5 inch/ 5cm tall. 

Vintage 1940s Drawing Pins Tin


Vintage 1940s Drawing Pins Tin. A charming vintage tin, dating to circa 1949. This is a delightful vintage tin, ideal for storing odds and ends and perfect for display in your vintage interior. The vintage tin measures approx 10 cm wide and 2 cm tall. This charming vintage tin has very light cosmetic wear, it is fully useable, with no other flaws or damage, very good condition.

so good.


The Hype Machine sending me e-mails with a 'special music update', as they say. I used to get e-mails from them when I first joined but only in the past few months has there been this personal information sent to you, with things such as Weekly Activity, Top Songs, Top Blogs. 

They still keep you updated with general Hype Machine activity such as Popular songs and blogs.

You've received this message because you have a Hype Machine account. Looks weird? View this in your browser
The Hype Machine Download 25 FREE songs at eMusic.com!
Dearest niallant,
Royksopp's Album "Senior" Premieres on Hype Machine
We teamed up with Royksopp + Soundcloud to let you stream their entire new album a week before it hits stores.
September's Radio Show!
Download the entire show or stream online now.
Featuring the month's hottest music from Ra Ra Riot, Glasser, Small Black, Vivian Girls, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool and the bloggers behind Chipped Hip, Tympanogram, and My Old Kentucky Blog.

Artists you've heard the most this week

11 Benga
7 Cookie Monsta 
4 Duck Sauce 
3 Dj Cable Vs. Tempa T & Rusko 
Blogs you've listened to the most

5 Fat Berri's 
5 redthreat 
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How to track blogs, bands and search terms
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This email was sent to you by The Hype Machine Inc. 2165 Brigham St Suite 3F, Brooklyn, NY 11229.
Unsubscribe or adjust email preferences here. Though, we think you may have more fun with this random track.

Good good e-mails.


Scented candle making is very popular as there is nothing more soothing then relaxing in the evening with a beautiful aroma from a scented candle. The light exuded from candles is always flattering and easy on the eyes and with so many scents to chose from you can create a candle for all occasions.

Scented candles can be included in the field of aromatherapy as it has been found that aromas can change your mood. If you have had a stressful day then chose an aroma that has a relaxing effect. If you are feeling a bit sleeping light a scented candle that has an aroma that will give you some energy.

Of all the candles that are sold over are scented candles. These candles are slightly more expensive than non scented candles but the consumer doesn’t seem to mind as they love the scents. These candles are made just like other candles except for one step; fragrance is added to provide the scent.

There are many different types of candle fragrances available and they come in all different forms. You can find scents as solid perfume chips, natural herbs and liquids. It may take a little searching online but you can find any scent that you want. The variety is endless, just think of all the different scented candles found in candle stores. The more solid fragrances tend to be easier to use then the liquid fragrances.

When creating a scented candle you want to wait until right before you pour the wax. Fragrances will evaporate when heated and if you add the fragrance too early it will all disappear before you have the chance to pour the wax. You also do not need to use as much fragrance if you wait until just before pouring.

One of the most common mistakes when making scented candles is that individuals tend to add too much fragrance. If you add too much fragrance then this can cause the wax to pit or mottle and this not only does not look good but can make it very difficult to release the candle from the mould.

You will need to be careful with the wax and type of fragrance that you chose to use. Some waxes may not work well with certain types of fragrances. Sometimes the oil may form crystals when it is added to the wax and you will need to reheat the wax to eliminate the crystals.

When choosing a fragrance you want to make sure that it is oil based. Fragrances can also be water based or alcohol based and these two compounds do not mix with wax. The structure of wax is very similar to oil so an oil based fragrance will mix quite easily.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that you want to add one ounce of scent per one pound of wax. This results in a 6% scent for the candle. If you are experimenting with fragrance then always start with the least amount and increase from there. You also should write down the amounts you use in case you come across a perfect amount and want to recreate that scented candle.


On the Hype Machine Blog I saw that they had done a 2009 survey, finding out all information of what people think of the site and how and why the use The Hype Machine.
This is the information I found.
Our annual user survey went over really well this year. Over 2600 of you responded and we gave away some great prizes. Below are some highlights, but check out our demographics page for the full stats and charts.
Our audience
  • 51% are 18 to 24 years old
  • 35% are in college, 30% are college grads
  • 69% are male
  • 73% spend money on concert tickets
  • 46% spend money on MP3s
  • 30% spend $21-$40 per month on music
  • 31% spend $41+ or more
  • 61% attend 1-2 concerts every month!
  • 20% are music bloggers
  • 20% are DJs
  • 24% are musicians
For the first time we asked a series of questions to better understand how and why you use The Hype Machine. Thanks to Dave Stanton at Eikos Data for helping us interpret this data!
Cluster A (52% of total respondents)
Males who use music sites to:
1. Find new music in familiar genres
2. Find music before it’s popular
3. Find music they don’t already know
Cluster B (21% of total respondents)
Females who use music sites in the same ways as Cluster A plus:
4. Find bands recommended by word of mouth
Cluster C (27% of total respondents)
These are male and females have even, heavy reliance on the above four uses plus:
6. Want to see what people are saying about music
7. Share music
How would you describe The Hype Machine to a friend?
  • Great place to find music by artists you haven’t heard of yet
  • the most awesomest awesome music site on the Internet
  • Love in a jukebox on the internet
  • The collective consciousness of the online music world.
  • This website has psychic abilities, it knows which tracks are going to be hits before anyone else…and its easy to use.
  • The Hype Machine is the most user-friendly MP3 blog aggregator and a fantastic tool for both bloggers and fans.
  • A fine place to find new songs for an ambitious music taste.
  • A place where you’ll always find what you never knew you’d like.
  • The best thing the internet has ever seen, not counting porn.
  • Omy freak leak loop amazingness you gotsta check out this whip snippy doodle doo music site I found. It goes by the name The Hype Machine, and they have uber huge no splooge amounts of brain tuck duck muck fuckingly spec music. Check it out, if not for the sake of friendship, at the least to braingasm spasm love happiness yourself into audible epiphany!
  • Eclectic and eye opening.
  • Imagine Google Reader as a playlist. Now imagine it comes ready with all the best music blogs you don’t even know exist.
  • Way more fun than watching your itunes visualizer after snorting Columbian nose candy.
  • If you’re into music, there’s no way you can miss this.
  • HM = real time information about the music you like and will like


I found this really interesting and seemed completely appropriate. It matched exactly what I would have thought, people left great comments of the site and really brought together the whole feeling of the site and the community with in it. 
For sure I am Cluster A. 


As bad as the graphics and design are, this website is very useful, and I have found a lot of good information on here. Just wished it looked better, but I decided to trust it anyhow and sign up for this mini-course here to see what would happen.
Well soon enough i got my e-mail through giving me a brief history of candle making in America. I didn't actually learn how to make candles at all from Lesson 1 but it was still very interesting.
The e-mail I received. 


Unfortunately for some reason or other I never did receive another lesson. I was kind of gutted, but never  tried to get it going again, I probably should have. Its good, shame didn't feel like a mini-course though.


Some of the benefits of having a Hype Machine user account are cool new ways to share the music you discover.
Connect your account to Twitter and the machine will auto-tweet your favorite songs, bands and blogs. Connect to Last.fm and you’ll be able to keep track of everything you listen to on your Last.fm profile! Here’s how:

Connect to Twitter

Step 1: After you are logged in, hover on Dashboard, then click on “settings”


Step 2: Click on the Twitter tab and fill in your Twitter username and password. Then check the boxes if you want songs, blogs, searches and friends automatically tweeted.


Step 3: When you favorite something on the Hype Machine, it will automatically be posted to your Twitter account!

Connect to Last.fm
step1Step 1: After you are logged in, hover on Dashboard, then click on “settings”


Step 2: Click on the Last.fm tab and fill in your Last.fm username and password and make sure the scrobbling box is checked.


Step 3: Songs will automatically show up on your Last.fm profile page!