Scented candle making is very popular as there is nothing more soothing then relaxing in the evening with a beautiful aroma from a scented candle. The light exuded from candles is always flattering and easy on the eyes and with so many scents to chose from you can create a candle for all occasions.

Scented candles can be included in the field of aromatherapy as it has been found that aromas can change your mood. If you have had a stressful day then chose an aroma that has a relaxing effect. If you are feeling a bit sleeping light a scented candle that has an aroma that will give you some energy.

Of all the candles that are sold over are scented candles. These candles are slightly more expensive than non scented candles but the consumer doesn’t seem to mind as they love the scents. These candles are made just like other candles except for one step; fragrance is added to provide the scent.

There are many different types of candle fragrances available and they come in all different forms. You can find scents as solid perfume chips, natural herbs and liquids. It may take a little searching online but you can find any scent that you want. The variety is endless, just think of all the different scented candles found in candle stores. The more solid fragrances tend to be easier to use then the liquid fragrances.

When creating a scented candle you want to wait until right before you pour the wax. Fragrances will evaporate when heated and if you add the fragrance too early it will all disappear before you have the chance to pour the wax. You also do not need to use as much fragrance if you wait until just before pouring.

One of the most common mistakes when making scented candles is that individuals tend to add too much fragrance. If you add too much fragrance then this can cause the wax to pit or mottle and this not only does not look good but can make it very difficult to release the candle from the mould.

You will need to be careful with the wax and type of fragrance that you chose to use. Some waxes may not work well with certain types of fragrances. Sometimes the oil may form crystals when it is added to the wax and you will need to reheat the wax to eliminate the crystals.

When choosing a fragrance you want to make sure that it is oil based. Fragrances can also be water based or alcohol based and these two compounds do not mix with wax. The structure of wax is very similar to oil so an oil based fragrance will mix quite easily.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that you want to add one ounce of scent per one pound of wax. This results in a 6% scent for the candle. If you are experimenting with fragrance then always start with the least amount and increase from there. You also should write down the amounts you use in case you come across a perfect amount and want to recreate that scented candle.

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